Rankin PPE for Maryland Hospitals

Hospital workers routinely place themselves at increased risk as they interact with patients carrying infectious diseases. As such, it’s critical that they have sufficient personal protective equipment (PPE) to avoid becoming infected with the same diseases they’re trying to help cure. PPE materials must meet specific filtration standards in order to effectively protect the workers who wear them.

At Rankin PPE, we work hard to create long-lasting, reliable, and effective PPE materials for Maryland’s hospital workers. Our medical-grade masks, gowns, and other protective equipment offer a full range of protection to keep medical workers safe — especially in hospital settings. Contact our team to learn more about our PPE offerings today.

Medical-Grade Masks & Gowns for Maryland Hospitals

As a top-quality upholstery company for more than 75 years, Rankin PPE recognized the urgent need for PPE materials for Maryland’s hospital workers following the COVID-19 pandemic. We worked tirelessly to create masks, gowns, and other protective equipment necessary for keeping medical professionals safe as they cared for critically ill patients. Our surgical-grade PPE materials are suitable for virtually any hospital worker, allowing them to care for patients with confidence.

Whether handling a global pandemic or facing a routine surgery, hospital workers need to have access to PPE materials in order to remain safe while on the job. From masks to gowns and everything in between, Rankin PPE has the personal protective equipment hospital professionals need to care for their patients regardless of the circumstances.

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Why Choose Rankin PPE for Hospital Masks & Gowns?

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, Rankin PPE created high-quality upholstery for Maryland residents. Today, we’ve applied our upholstery skills to creating medical-grade masks and gowns for Maryland’s hospital workers and medical professionals. Our PPE materials are all American-made and handcrafted, boasting BFE and PFE filtration standards in excess of 95%. Designed to last for the long term, our surgical-grade masks and gowns can withstand eight to 30 washes when professionals follow our proper care instructions.

Trade your disposable masks and gowns in for a long-term solution that will protect your hospital staff. Contact Rankin PPE to order your materials today.

Rankin PPE for Maryland’s Hospital Workers

At Rankin PPE, your safety is our top priority. Our protective materials are designed specifically with the nation’s frontline medical workers in mind. Providing BFE and PFE filtration standards of more than 95%, our PPE solutions offer robust protection for Maryland’s hospital professionals.

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