PPE for Customer Service Representatives in the Gaithersburg Area

Customer service representatives are the customer-facing part of most organizations. These essential workers strive to deliver a solid customer service experience to customers to help a business succeed, but they face extensive risk during the current pandemic. Face masks, protective apparel, and other personal protective equipment (PPE) will help customer service representatives follow current CDC regulations, as well as the guidelines for their state and local communities, while keeping those they serve safer as well. Rankin PPE has a long list of protective equipment designed for customer service representatives.

Rankin PPE offers everything needed for customer-facing employees. In addition, we offer custom solutions to ensure your team is properly protected. Whether you are working to comply with the latest guidelines or simply want to give your team members the best protection while they serve on the front lines of your company, we’re here to help.

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CDC Recommendations for Customer Service Representatives in the Greater DC Metro Region

In many industries, those working in customer service are considered essential workers. Customer-facing reps must go into the community and face risk of exposure to the coronavirus. The CDC has issued guidelines to help customer-facing professionals stay safer. These include

  • Maintain Social Distancing: Whenever possible, reps should stay six feet apart from the customers they’re serving.
  • Practice Hand Hygiene: Provide customer service professionals with access to hand-washing stations or hand sanitizer that is at least 60% alcohol. Use the elbow or a tissue to cover coughs and sneezes, rather than the hand.
  • Wear Face Masks: Because maintaining social distance is not always possible, customer service reps should wear face masks at all times to help reduce the spread of airborne particles.
  • Limit Touching Surfaces: When possible, avoid touching surfaces in public areas. Regularly wipe down surfaces with a sanitation wipe or other cleaner.
  • Add Plastic Barriers: Since customer service pros can’t avoid interacting with the public, put a plastic barrier, such as plastic sheeting or plexiglass, between the rep’s station and the area where the customer stands.

If you are a customer service professional who needs help staying safe, or you’re managing a team of customer service pros, Rankin PPE has the products you need. From face masks to plexiglass barriers, we can assist you in staying safer. Purchase PPE for your Gaithersburg team today, or request a custom order by calling 301-926-3111.

PPE Options for Customer Service Professionals in Gaithersburg

At Rankin PPE, we have an extensive list of solutions for Maryland-area businesses to help them keep their team members safer. This includes:

  • Protective apparel
  • Face masks
  • Plastic sheeting and barriers
  • Custom solutions

Our face masks have been thoroughly tested and have BFE and PFE Filtration Standards of over 99%. They can reused for up to 30 days before needing to be replaced, giving customer services representatives a better option for their protection.

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Why Choose Rankin PPE for Protective Equipment in Gaithersburg?

Customer service representatives deserve the right protection, and Rankin PPE is equipped to provide it. We service many industries, including retail, finance, and medical, with effective protective gear to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic. We have over 75 years of experience creating handcrafted products made right here in America, so we know what it takes to keep your team members safe.

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