Mask Results

Masks, gowns, and other PPE are becoming increasingly important in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies and non-profit organizations need personal protective equipment to safely operate in the community. Many are asking for mask and gown donations to help them do their jobs safely. Rankin PPE has fabric masks and gowns that provide proven protection against the coronavirus.

Whether you’re in need of PPE for your Gaithersburg organization or to donate to another organization this year, reach out to Rankin PPE at 301-926-3111. You can also contact us online. We proudly serve the Greater DC Metro region, including Montgomery County.

Benefits of Mask and Gown Donations

Masks and gowns are critical to protecting the community in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. High-quality masks and gowns make excellent donation items. Non-profits, individuals, and businesses all need PPE to keep their workers safe. There are many benefits to donating masks and gowns this year, including:

  • Doing your part to keep the community safe
  • Ensuring that the organization receiving the donation has proper personal protective equipment
  • Earning a tax write-off for you or your business

As you’re choosing masks and gowns to provide as donations, remember that not all are created equal. Rankin PPE has masks and gowns that have been tested at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory and show excellent filtration properties.

Learn more about our PPE options at Rankin PPE. Call 301-926-3111 or contact us online for help.

PPE Mask Testing and COVID-19

While there are many viruses and bacteria that we should be protecting ourselves from, COVID-19 is the most concerning one at this point in time. Rankin PPE masks and gowns have undergone extensive testing at Johns Hopkins University. The primary mask material has shown BFE and PFE Filtration Standards of over 99%. In testing, a washed sterile wrap mask had a collection rate of 99% for particle sizes of 5 μm. The coronavirus is approximately 0.1 μm. For particles of that size, the washed sterile material had a collection efficiency of nearly 75%. That is extremely high for a reusable fabric mask.

For highly efficient PPE for your organization or to use as a donation, trust Rankin PPE. Call us at 301-926-3111 or browse our products to learn more about our personal protective equipment options.

FAQs About Mask and Gown Donations

Do you have questions about our masks and gowns or how you can benefit from donations? Here are some common questions.

Are masks an effective protection against COVID-19?

Yes. The CDC recommends wearing a face mask any time social distancing is not possible. Rankin PPE offers masks that are highly effective in laboratory testing against COVID-19 and other viruses and bacteria.

Can I receive tax credit for mask and gown donations?

Donating masks and gowns to non-profit organizations can earn you a tax deduction. Keep records of the money spent on the donations, and turn them in at tax time.

Are fabric masks acceptable as a donation?

Yes, most organizations that need masks will accept fabric mask donations. Rankin PPE fabric masks are more effective than homemade masks, yet are fully washable.

Why Choose Rankin PPE for Masks and Gowns?

In Gaithersburg, companies need masks and gowns to keep their workers and customers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Rankin PPE is dedicated to providing American-made masks and providing people with the personal protective equipment they need to increase their safety.

Contact us now at 301-926-3111 to learn more about how our PPE can help your organization stay safer or to order masks and gowns to donate in Gaithersburg, Montgomery County, or surrounding areas in the Greater DC Metro region.