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When it comes to making sure Maryland’s essential workers are well-protected, there’s no team better suited for the job than Rankin PPE. Our medical-grade masks, gowns, and semi-permanent partitions are all handcrafted right here in the United States and are capable of withstanding between eight and 30 washes when properly cared for using our care instructions.

Don’t see what you need available on our site? Contact Rankin PPE to discuss your protective equipment details and submit a custom product order with our team today. We’re happy to use our skills to create the exact materials you and your team need to stay safe on the job!

PPE Products for Maryland’s Essential Workers

When coronavirus hit, Rankin PPE set to work right away to develop the protective equipment necessary for Maryland’s essential workers. We’re proud to offer the following specialty products to workers throughout Gaithersburg and the surrounding areas:

Medical-Grade Masks

Each of our masks is designed using surgical-grade material that’s shown to have BFE and PFE filtration standards in excess of 95%. When following our proper care instructions, our masks can easily be washed and reused between eight and 30 times.

Order your medical-grade PPE masks through our online shop today.

Hospital Gowns

Created from the same materials used in our mask production, Rankin PPE’s hospital gowns are specially designed to provide medical professionals and their patients with the utmost protection. We offer AAMI-certified Level 2 and Level 3 gowns using silver ion antimicrobial technology built into the fabric.

Semi-Permanent Partitions

Rankin PPE also produces semi-permanent partitions for public transportation, restaurants, and retail locations. Created from isinglass, our semi-permanent partitions can sustain years of use without damaging optical clarity or durability. Learn more about our PPE partitions by calling 301-926-3111 today!

Specialty Orders & Custom Products

Need PPE that isn’t listed on our website? No problem! Simply fill out our intake form and upload any files that may help us better understand your equipment needs. From there, we’ll work with you to develop the PPE products that will best protect you and your team while on the job. Contact us to get started today.

Why Rankin PPE for Maryland’s Protective Equipment?

A trusted upholsterer in Gaithersburg for more than 75 years, Rankin PPE quickly pivoted our business model to satisfy the needs of essential workers throughout the region. Each of our protective materials is handcrafted here in America, boasting BFE and PFE filtration standards of more than 95%.

Created with durability and continued use in mind, we provide detailed instructions to help essential workers properly care for their equipment and enjoy extended use. When properly cared for, our masks and gowns can easily withstand between eight and 30 wash cycles. Similarly, our semi-permanent partitions can survive years of continued use when adhering to our detailed care instructions. Contact our team today to get the PPE materials you need to stay safe.

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From masks and gowns to partitions and custom-made materials, there’s nothing the team at Rankin PPE can’t produce to enhance your safety. We are committed to keeping Maryland’s essential workers safe in the face of infectious diseases and hazardous environments.

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