Rankin has been a trusted service provider in the upholstery industry for over 75 years. But, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the U.S., everything changed—and so did we. We’ve extended our focus to producing hand-sewn, machine-washable, surgical-grade masks and gowns for first-responders, medical professionals, essential workers and more.

This expansion enabled Rankin PPE to employ over 20 workers at a time when jobs were scarce. We received a grant from Maryland’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Manufacturing Fund to support the continuation of this work.

We remain committed to providing employment opportunities to local workers, sourcing materials from US manufacturers, and producing vital products to support our community. Our dedication to ethical processes extends across every aspect of Rankin PPE.

Know of an essential business in need of masks, gowns, or other critical PPE? Need PPE produced to your specifications? Contact us today!

We thank our employees who handcraft our products and celebrate those who risk their lives everyday to save others.

A woman sews fabric into PPE masks
A man sews hems onto PPE adjoined masks before cutting them